Aeon Flux (2005 Movie)

While the original avant-garde animated series frequently confounded me, this 2005 Charlize Theron action/sci-fi flick is much more traditional. Supposedly the creator of the cartoon disowned the film, but viewed but itself it’s not too bad.

Bregma is now an insular solitary power in a post-apocalyptic setting rather than a city state locked in combat with another city-state of antithetical values. Some of the weird imagery and abstraction is preserved – the fly caught by eyelashes, crossing a hazardous area with a hands-for-feet ally, the fashion, a bizarre symbolic sabotage mission, wacky visual effects, and a representation of telepathic communication. Trevor is too non-bald and good-looking, but the movie attempts to replicate his and Aeon’s connection through time (with a strange interpretation of how cloning works).

Aeon is a fallible heroine, perhaps inspired by her frequent deaths in the cartoon, but she has really nice hair. As a whole the movie isn’t terribly eventful – I didn’t mind it but one could definitely give it a miss.


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