World War Z

I actually saw this movie before the other new movies I posted about recently – just never got round to it. I heard about the book years ago and was interested; however life didn’t give me the opportunity to read it before Brad Pitt’s cinematic adaptation hit the screen. From what I understand, the original novel attempts a realistic historical treatment of the zombie apocalypse; there concerns that the film would just make a zombie action movie with the name.

It turns out that World War Z the film is a fairly engaging, realistic action movie that proceeds at a fast pace. I didn’t mind that Pitt’s family did nothing the whole movie, or that the denouement was understated – they lent to the plausibility of the setting in which Pitt travels the world, getting attacked by zombies and almost dying each time. There were some great scenes of zombies overwhelming urban areas (not sure how they cause explosions though), and while the storyline wasn’t anything special, the setting was interesting and I wanted to see more of how the world changed post-outbreak. Unfortunately I’ll have to find the book to do that.


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