You’re Next

You’re Next was created in 2011 but for some reason was only released this year; nevertheless it has received some very positive buzz from those who did see it at film festivals. I’ve been forcibly converted into a semi-horror fan (nothing too scary please), so I checked it out – turns out I really enjoyed this movie, and am happy to place it among my favourite movies so far this year.

You’re Next is a home-invasion slasher flick with piles of dark humour, gore, and a couple of neat twists. It’s fairly tightly genre-bound (perhaps subgenre-bound), but the dysfunctional family dynamic (the jerk older brother mocking everyone else and the “fat” middle brother getting upset had me chuckling, also the ribbing of the indie director in an indie film), the resourceful/non-stupid Australian girl, and the many darkly comic moments kept me very entertained. The theatre wasn’t full, but the rest of the audience was laughing and applauding along with the movie.


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