I was compelled to see Insidious due to the sequel coming out, but this review is shallow because I’m a scaredy-cat and didn’t watch it properly. I hope I can make it through Insidious 2…

Anyway, Patrick Owen (whom I remember for his excellence in “One Man’s Trash” in Girls and the fantastic Young Adult) teams up with James Wan (they’re also together in The Conjuring) as a father of a family that’s being haunted. The movie starts slowly and convincingly, depicting a family moving into a new house with all sorts of minor stresses. Things pick up slowly, a few of the characters’ motivations are nicely ambiguous, and there’s a fresh concept driving the story. At one point a couple of comic relief ghostbusters turn up, and are a bit confusing with their slapstick tone. The climax is a bit weak, but the final twist is pretty good.

This movie was made on a budget of $1.5 million and pulled in $97m, which is amazing; the sequel was $5 million, and for some reason The Conjuring got a budget of $20 million (and made $271m). James Wan is directing Fast 7, which no doubt has a larger budget than he (or many directors) has ever been in charge of.


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