Standup and Burlesque

Despite wanting to see a Burlesque show for quite a while, I’ve never actually found the opportunity to go. Thanks to Netflix, “Live Nude Comedy” gave me a dose of Burlesque plus standup, and was pretty fun.

The comedy was decent; I liked KT Tatara and Steve Byrne in particular. Chris D’Elia’s physical comedy was hilarious but the novelty of funny walks wore off after a bit. There was definitely a dose of deliberately offensive comedy (Michael Kosta played douchebag style) as well as some deadpan performers (Whitney Cummings and Tig Notaro), and some had more coherent arcs than others (Mike Faverman seemed to jump between random jokes). Shannon Elizabeth did some silly joke between each set but she won’t be confused with a proper comedian.

On the Burlesque side a couple demonstrated particular skill (Dakota Ferreiro was an excellent dancer, Valentina’s hoop skills were eye-catching, Lola’s matador act was unusual); Aurora Joly had the French Maid and Cop uniforms covered while Allison Kyler had a lower-key cowgirl act (plus an earlier one). My favourites were Theresa Pena and Kavita Rao’s dramatic double act, and Kelley Koski’s slapstick performance that had a lot of character.


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