Rozen Maiden 2013

While I enjoyed this Rozen Maiden, I didn’t love it as much as I did in the past. This season is adapted from the second manga series, post Peach Pit defecting to another publisher (Traumend was anime-only and never happened); manga stuff has happened that was never depicted in anime form, and to augment the confusion, we’re in a parallel universe with parallel versions of characters.

Minor spoilers follow.

The Rozen Maiden franchise is perhaps half about the dolls and their battles; the other side is Jun integrating with society. Here he never wound Shinku and is an apathetic and isolated university student; as the dolls arrive he gains purpose, starts looking after himself and others, living better, reaching out to other people, and looking for professional, social, and romantic success. I enjoyed this part of the anime, and the doll half less so.

I didn’t feel this series fleshed out the dolls or their relationships as much, which is troublesome given the long gap since the last Rozen Maiden series. Kirakushou is the new, powerful villain, manipulating other characters and battling them. It’s weird to see Suigintou out of the antagonist role (supposedly this is much closer to the manga original).


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