Almost Human (2013 TV Series)

Karl Urban is a familiar face in sci-fi flicks: Star Trek, Dredd, Riddick (and he was even in LotR and the old Hercules/Xena series). Now he’s starring in my favourite TV series right now, Almost Human – a sci-fi police/action series that incorporates lots of interesting ideas and fast-paced scripts.

Its image of the future is nicely fleshed out: robot police, drones, prosthetics, visual disguises, targeted biological weapons, and memory diving. Unlike Agents of Shield, the snappy pace and freshness of the ideas give Almost Human the feel of an A-grade series that knows what its doing, despite lacking Chloe Wang/Bennett’s prettiness.

While three episodes in the supporting cast are still mostly unknown, they’ve been sketched efficiently.

I strongly recommend this series to sci-fi fans, and pray that it isn’t cancelled.


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