Looking for a Notes App

Ever since getting my first iPhone, I’ve searched in vain for a note-taking app that does a couple of things well:

  • * Multi-level undo and redo
  • * Sync to some cloud service

The built-in Apple Notes app doesn’t even have an Undo button – you have to search on the internet to find out that shaking your phone allows you to undo once.

On a desktop, one-level undo is pretty terrible; on a mobile device when you’re much more likely to mistype, it’s a travesty.

For a while I used Evernote, but last night I had a horrible sync failure that overwrote my most recent changes with an almost-blank earlier version of the same not from one of my other devices. In the software world, this a solved problem: you’re supposed to compare the timestamps of the changes, and not use the older one. But despite raising over $225 million in investment capital, it seems such basics are beyond Evernote.

Losing so much of my work had led me to migrate away from Evernote and delete the damn thing.

So far Springpad offers something similar (note I don’t use any advanced functionality) but there is no undo capability and there seem to be issues with settings across devices. I like Werdsmith’s clean interface and history, but you can’t access your notes on a PC, security appears non-existent, and syncing is flaky.

There are other Notes apps in the AppStore, but I haven’t gotten around to trying them. I really don’t care about all the bells and whistles, and am willing to pay, but I don’t want to pay for something that can’t get the above right.


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