Catching Fire (Film)

I’m bemused by the popularity of YA (Young Adult, the lingo of the publishing business) fiction among not-so-young adults; The Hunger Games is the latest (post Harry Potter, post Twilight) franchise to hit the mainstream successfully (meaning that the last book is redundantly split into two movies and released over two years).

This time round, much less attention is spent on the killing-people side of the the Hunger Games, and there’s more about politics and appearances, and the characters. While I miss the combat, I did enjoy the additional (though limited) depth this allowed. I found most interesting Katniss’s response to the supposed revolution, and how she comes to regard Peeta.

My main beef is with the sudden and inconclusive ending that relegates proper resolution to the following two movies in two years’ time. It’s hard to gauge the partially-revealed motivations of sleeper characters on what we’ve been given so far.

All up, a lot of fun bar the annoying franchise-y ending.


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