Ink, Mimic, Another (Film)

Ink is a modern fantasy that felt like a bit of an indie film, with at times very obviously limited production values and some sigh-worthy campness. Despite such constraints it conjures up some interesting imagery, and is an interesting genre combination.

Mimic was Del Toro’s first foray into Hollywood, and it’s a mixed affair – essentially a monster movie with an overcomplicated (for the genre) setup, some nice creepiness with a boy listening to a mysterious man, and then the standard running-through-subway-tunnels business. Perhaps unfairly I’m hung up on the underuse of the concept in the title (it’s almost a plot hole); it also feels like Del Toro was making two movies with different tones – one with the boy and the mysterious nighttime figure, and another with scientists investigating bugs.

The Another live-action film is another adaptation of the horror mystery novel, but I’m not sure whether it’s closer to the source material or the anime; one way or another the story is simplified, and the issues typical in Japanese live-action crop up (production values, melodramatic acting/plotting). I did like the creepy ending, however.


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