The Lone Ranger and Now You See Me

I hated the Lone Ranger’s trailer and made no effort to watch it when it was in the cinemas – it looked predictable and tedious, another Disney effort to replicate the success of Pirates of the Carribean. Then there was the Internet Hate Bandwagon, where critics incapable of having their own opinion decided that this was the movie to gleefully dogpile upon. Having watched the movie, I don’t think it deserved the immediate dismissals it garnered – it was overlong, and I identified the villain midway through the movie thanks to a too-obvious clue (it’s not hard to guess anyway), but it was entertaining enough.

Now You See Me is a slick, twisty, fast-paced (and somewhat implausible) film about magic and illusions that I found very engaging. Each of the characters has a distinct personality, and you’re always trying to figure out how the tricks worked, who to trust, and what’s going on. However like in most stories of this nature, an element of separation is introduced because the characters know what’s going on but the audience doesn’t; Now You See Me uses Mark Ruffalo’s grumpy detective character to bridge the gap.


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