Mindy Project Season 2

I don’t watch a lot of TV, but I’ve found the Mindy Project to be quite funny. Season 2 begins in a tough corner where you can predict what has to happen next, and it’s a both sad and annoying to see it happen. Nevertheless the (light) plot continues, a lawyer is (quite appropriately) added to the cast, and there are some digs at pretentious artsy types. The eponymous character remains a mix of narcissism and unexpected sensitivity; like HBO’s Girls I actually find the male characters pretty well written (though the British doctor takes a much smaller role in the second season).

The series continues to serve up its signature wacky dialogue:

* “It is the clitoris of the head”

* “I don’t like to talk out of turn.” / “You’re constantly giving your rude opinions about everything – it’s like your favourite thing to do.”

* “You are getting a lot of business from us.” / “And yet none of you pay me. Nor do you seem to care that I’m a divorce lawyer.”

* “You’re not a joke Danny, you have to be funny to be a joke.”

* “My body is very… attracted to your body, but when you speak, my brain gets angry”


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