The Conjuring, A Knight’s Tale

The Conjuring is an atmospheric horror flick supposedly based on real-life spirit hunters; James Wan has a budget many times that of Insidious, but others are writing this time. Patrick Wilson appears again as the lead male role, with Vera Farmiga and Lili Taylor playing his spirit-sensitive wife and the mother of the haunted family respectively. The Conjuring is much lower key and less about elaborate plot twists and revelations than other horror flicks (for example Insidious), instead pushing for plausibility – for example the main characters have to request official exorcisms from the Church, and are more counselors to the victims than action-heroes, and the motivations of the evil spirits are pretty straightforward. Sadly for my scaredy-cat ways, there are a couple of jump scares in addition to the atmospheric horror, but it was a good film.

A Knight’s Tale is an old Heath Ledger flick, a comedic romp around medieval Europe, with jousting and romance, and a funny mix of anachronism and historical references. It’s light and I enjoyed it.


One response to “The Conjuring, A Knight’s Tale

  1. I have this crazy love for A Knight’s Tale.

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