Edge of Tomorrow

I don’t like Tom Cruise, so this sci-fi movie – wherein he plays a smug, smarmy soldier-on-television who is killed repeatedly and often comically – was extremely entertaining. The story is adapted from a Japanese light novel called “All you need is kill” (which also became a manga), but I believe this movie’s storyline is the best version, despite some sentimentality. The writing is very funny, and the plot has some good twists, and deliberately evokes the video game trope of save scumming, recognition befitting a movie in the modern era (the video game industry eclipses the movie industry in revenue).

Cruise’s portrayal of a dislikeable individual (coincidentally close to who we imagine Cruise to be) who goes through personal change is great, and Emily Blunt is fantastic as the blunt supersoldier who decides to train him.

This was one of my favourite movies of 2014.


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