Muppets Most Wanted, Mr Peabody and Sherman, Vampire Academy

You know what to expect with Muppets Most Wanted – cameos, singing and dancing puppets, and the muppet characters doing what they do. It was okay; I liked it better than the previous installment.

Mr Peabody and Sherman is based on an old 60s cartoon about a genius dog and the boy he adopts. My favourite part was Ty Burrell (as Mr Peabody the dog) not being a doofus, but unfortunately Sherman was doofus enough for the both of them, and the girl Penny was just plain evil. I take that back, Ms Grunion the social worker was totally evil. The movie was fun enough but didn’t stick for me.

Vampire Academy is probably based on some YA novel riding the Twilight popularity wave. It’s a competent enough story, though definitely aimed at tweenage girls, with a too-witty-by-far non-pretty-girl main character. From the budget and box office numbers, there will be no sequel.


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