X-Men Days of Future Past

This reboot-by-stealth X-Men goes from strength-to-strength: First Class was an excellent movie that put the characters’ personalities at the fore, Days of Future Past lives up to it.

The storyline is a bit more convoluted than necessary, but the crux is about averting the assassination of a weapons designer (who hunts and experiments on mutants) by a mutant. The weapons designer’s death leads to the widespread deployment of the infamous Sentinels, who are responsible for some brutal fight scenes.

The actors are all fantastic, though I wish Peter Dinklage had a larger role. The storyline is clever, the writing is funny, and the action-scenes interesting and well-directed – Quicksilver’s kitchen scene is a standout, plus the ways Blink uses her portal-creation power are all very creative. However I was confused by the early scenes of the Sentinels adapting to combat their opponents’ powers, as this wasn’t totally clear.


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