The Collection of the Nile, Ridicule-chanbara

I’m around three dozen movies behind so I’ll give some short reviews of a bunch of them at once.

The Collection is the sequel to the grisly horror flick The Collector, and is a bit more action and less horror than the original, which suited me fine. Aside from the disgusting parts I thought it was decent, and liked the ending.

The Jewel of the Nile is an old adventure romance featuring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner – apparently it was widely disliked but I didn’t mind it. Though I couldn’t work out how old the leads were supposed to be – Turner was in her 30s and Douglas in his 40s at the time!

Ridicule is an unusual French film about the Court of Versaille and how important “wit” is to social position. While the historical setting and concept is interesting, there is disappointingly¬†few witty remarks over the course of the film.

Oneechanbara The Vortex is based on the Japanese beat-em-up videogame and suffers from being a zombie B-movie, a video game adaptation, and a low-budget Japanese flick. The visual effects are annoying, the story is senseless, and most of the fighting is plain boring.


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