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Inside Out Underworld Rogue Nation

Sadly I didn’t enjoy Inside Out as much as I hoped to. While it was entertaining, it wasn’t able to overcome my bias against CGI flicks. There were some nice metaphors for the brain, a good enough story, decent senses of place, and an interesting philosophical inversion, but it fell flat for me.

I watched Underworld 1 and 2, and they were entertaining enough. I liked that most characters had English accents, and that there was some lore behind it, but the main characters didn’t have enough personality. In the first movie, the final fight was over too quickly, and the hybrid thing didn’t work for me. The second movie bugged me with issues about the timeline and geography that seemed like screw-ups.

The fifth Mission Impossible was pretty decent; my hatred for Tom Cruise didn’t flare up because his character was pretty unobjectionable. The female lead was unusually interesting, lending some ambiguity to the storyline that disappears too early. Unfortunately there was pretty much only one heist, and the villain was weak as always.


Shingeki no Kyojin Impressions

Just a couple of episodes in and I’m very impressed by the imagination of the setting. From the title I was expecting a sci-fi series along the lines of Fafner or the like, but “Attack on Titan” is closer to Claymore (with lots of fatalities too).

However while Claymore’s background is sparsely filled in, Shingeki no Kyojin depicts a innovative medieval world of humanity under siege, in a hopeless, almost post-apocalyptic setting. It feels like a zombie movie, with relentless hungry monsters outside the walls, and I’m impressed by how the use of the Titans makes the series feel fresh. Additionally, most zombie works only go as far as the remnants of civilisation coming together to stave off the threat and stabilise the situation; this series is about when that starts to fall apart again, generations later.

The Guild

The Guild is a fantastic web series written and starring Felicia Day, depicting the exaggerated antics of an MMORPG guild in a game highly similar to World of Warcraft. It spans 5 seasons, beginning as a low budget indie production, before gaining a pile of donations and then full-on sponsorship by Microsoft, and wide recognition.

Unlike frequent depictions of gamers as obese, smelly guys who live in their parents’ basements (see the South Park WoW ep); The Guild portrays a bunch of characters with a bewildering variety of quirks and issues – the clingy, oblivious Zaboo, the irresponsible mother Clara, the narcissistic Bladezz, the ridiculously stingy Vork, the eye-rolling Tinkerballa, and the neurotic Codex (Day). The series is chock-full of geek culture in-jokes and references, and later seasons have a pile of geek culture cameos (as The Guild became more famous) as well.

There are just so many funny throwaway lines and all sorts of affectionate pokes at gamer/fantasy/sci-fi subcultures – someone in the know will get a lot more out of it. And despite the wacky cast there is a surprising depth to the characters and their relationships.

Anyway, here are some of the great lines I lol’d at and had to write down:

* “He left something? Classic move. Like when a dog pees on a fire hydrant.”
* “When did this guild go from playing a game together to talking about feelings and holding each other’s vaginas?”
* “No one in the world would find that interesting.”
* “It’s nice to know everyone in the guild doesn’t hate me for being a lying whore-bag.”
* “If that happens, I’m going to replace all my organs with clockwork and sell myself to a steampunk museum.”
* “The winner gets a lesson from me in Fortran.”
* “I never expected those words to leave your mouth towards my face.”
The Guild is one of my favourite series ever, a fantastic creative work that presents, parodies, and shows affection for geek culture so well.